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DSP Design Center makes it easy to create a custom package cost-effectively.

With state-of-the-art technology and a high degree of creativity, our experienced team of developers will devise the solution that is customised exactly to your requirements building a package from the ground up. Furthermore, we work on constantly developing our products further.

The professional service of developing concepts and specifications that will enhance function, value, and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer.
From conceptual sketches, to CAD drawings to working models, DSP has the tools to create unique looks, attractive curves, and bold features that demand attention.
It�s time-efficient, too. In as little as two days, we can present you with high-quality drawings and models.

3-D, solid-modeling CAD software brings your design to life more quickly and facilitates a complete integration of all package components.


Prototyping models ensure that your ideas look the same in your hands as they looked in your mind.
It's more than knowing about design or manufacturing. We know rapid prototyping and the trade-offs between innovative design, choice of materials and available production processes.
Because of our unique skill set, and years of experience at making these trade-off decisions on thousands of prototypes, we can advise our customers competently on optimizing their product solution.
When the design is finished, we�ll work with you to build an affordable custom mold. It�s just one more way DSP brings the world of Packaging Solutions to you.